Pipers (1), Current Programme (2) and Tunes List (2)

1. The Club is actively seeking new piping members.

The Club has an informal band, which plays at all of the Club events, the principal events being two Dinners, the Ball, and the Away Weekend. There is also an annual joint meeting with the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, at which the Band plays. There are opportunities for solo playing, and each year a Piobaireachd Weekend is held, at which members enjoy the benefit of excellent instruction from the Honorary Club Piper, John Wilson.

The Club pipers meet between October and May, on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm, at the Glasgow High School Club Memorial Pavilion at Old Anniesland, vehicle access being from Anniesland Road.

The Club offers pipers the opportunity to play in a very relaxed and congenial atmosphere, with none of the pressures of a competing band. It is ideal for players who have perhaps been away from piping for a while, and are looking for a way to revive an interest, and keep their piping going, without excessive commitment. We also have members who have retired from competing bands and professional competition. Players of all standards are welcome. Further details may be found on our Piping Page.

The aims of the Glasgow Highland Club, as constituted in 1882, are to promote Highland Culture and the wearing of Highland Dress. Membership is open to ladies and gentlemen.

If you are interested in finding out more, or wish to come along to see what the Club is like, please contact either the Pipe Major or the Secretary.


2.  Current Programme: 


Corrienessan’s Salute.

(Alasdair MacLeod Miller’s Salute)

Light Music:

Sheriff AC Macpherson

Flett from Flotta

The Mist Covered Mountains

Colonel Wilson

Burning of the Piper’s Hut

Colonel Stuart Green

O’er the Bows to Ballindalloch

The Keel Row

Auld Adam

The Club Tune

(Members, please apply for sheet music as required)


3.  Tunes List:

Over many years, the Club has presented programmes selected from the list of tunes presented below. Should members require sight of the score of any of these tunes, please submit a request using the Club Email Address.

  1. “Glendaruel Highlanders (6/8)”, by Fettes, D.R. MacLennan
  2. “Glasgow Highland Club (Slow Air)”, by Donald MacLeod
  3. “Sheriff A C MacPherson & Flett from Flotta (4/4)”, by James Cameron, Donald MacLeod
  4. “Ord of Caithness (S’spey)”
  5. “Captain Horne & Campbeltown Kiltie Ball (S’spey)”, by John MacLellan, Trad
  6. “General Stewart of Garth, Struy Lodge, The Ale is Dear (Reel)”, by W. Ross, Trad
  7. “51st Highland Division (4/4)”, by Donald MacLeod
  8. “Achany Glen (2/4)”, by Angus McPherson
  9. “Australian Ladies (2/4)”, by Wm. Fergusson
  10. “Battle of the Somme & The Dagshai Hills (9/8)”, by Wm. Lawrie, J. Wallace
  11. “Auld Adam (6/8)”, by Trad.
  12. “Bessie McIntyre (Reel)”, by Wm. MacLean
  13. “Bloody Fields of Flanders (3/4)”, by John MacLellan, J.G. Slattery (2nds)
  14. “Caledonian Canal (S’spey)”
  15. “Cameron MacFadyen (6/8)”, by D. Johnston
  16. “Captain Colin Campbell, Marquis of Huntly’s Highland Fling (S’spey)”
  17. “Captain Colin Campbell (S’spey)”, by Donald MacLeod
  18. “Castle Dangerous (3/4)”, by J. Haugh
  19. “Cha Tigh Mor, Leaving Ardtornish (Slow Air)”, by W. Ross, Trad.
  20. “Colin’s Cattle (3/4)”
  21. “Craig-a-Bodich (S’spey)”, by Donald MacLeod
  22. “Cronin (Slow Air)”, by Donald MacLeod
  23. “Dornie Ferry (S’spey)”
  24. “Dream Valley of Glendaruel (3/4)”, by John MacLellan
  25. “I See Mull (3/4)”, by D. MacLellan
  26. “Kilworth Hills (3/4)”, by G.S. MacLennan
  27. “Donald MacLellan of Rothesay (2/4)”, by Donald MacLeod
  28. “Highland Brigade at Magersfontein (3/4)”, by John MacLellan
  29. “High Road to Linton (Reel)”
  30. “Farewell to the Creeks (6/8)”, by James Robertson
  31. “Glasgow City Police Pipers (Jig)”, by Donald MacLeod
  32. “Glen Caladh Castle (2/4)”, by John MacLellan
  33. “Glenfinnan Highland Gathering (2/4)”, by Ronald Lawrie
  34. “Green Hills, Battle’s O’er (3/4)”, by J. MacLeod, Wm. Robb
  35. “Leaving Lochboisdale (Slow Air)”, by John Wilson
  36. “Leaving Port Askaig (6/8)”, by W. Ross
  37. “Lochanside (3/4)”, by John MacLellan
  38. “Loch Ruan (4/4)”, by Geo. McIntyre, J.G. Slattery (2nds)
  39. “MacKenzie Highlanders & Farquhar MacRae (2/4)”, by Wm. Fergusson, Trad.
  40. “Meeting of the Waters (4/4)”, by Donald MacLeod
  41. “Men of Argyll (2/4)”, by John MacLellan
  42. “Mrs. Lily Christie (6/8)”, by Donald Shaw Ramsay
  43. “Paddy’s Leather Breeches (Jig)”
  44. “P/M Sam Scott (6/8)”, by P.M. Peter R. MacLeod
  45. “Road to Balquidder, Hills of Argyll (4/4)”, by (arr.) Donald MacLeod, Geo. McIntyre
  46. “Sarah’s Song (Slow Air)”, by Phil Cunningham
  47. “Setting a Course for Lewis (3/4)”
  48. “Sweet Maid of Mull (6/8)”, by A.C. Beaton
  49. “Taking of Beaumont Hamel (2/4)”, by John MacLellan
  50. “Tug Argan Gap (6/8)”, by John M. MacKenzie
  51. “Willie Cumming’s Rant (Reel)”, by (arr.) D. Johnston, D.C. Mather
  52. “Young MacGregor (2/4)”, by J. MacGregor Murray
  53. “Flower of Scotland (Slow Air)”, by Roy Williamson
  54. “Highland Cathedral (Slow Air)”
  55. “Kirkwall Bay (6/8)”, by Jimmy Shand
  56. “Saffron Kilt (Slow Air)”, by (arr.) John M. MacKenzie
  57. “High road to Linton (Reel)”
  58. “The Sheiling (Slow Air)”, by John MacLellan
  59. “Tog Orm Mo Phiob (Slow Air)”, by Patrick Mor MacCrimmon
  60. “The Hills of Alva (4/4)”, by T. Muirhead
  61. “Kenneth J. MacLeod (6/8)”, by P.M. Peter R. MacLeod
  62. “Morag of Dunvegan (Slow Air)”, by P.M. J. G. Slattery
  63. “Portree Bay (6/8)”, by J. Mackenzie
  64. “Hail to My Country (Piob)”, by Gen. Charles Thomason
  65. “Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to Northern Meeting (6/8)”, by Donald MacLeod
  66. “Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree (Reel)”, by Peter Farquhar
  67. “Loch MacLeod (3/4)”, by Donald MacLeod
  68. “MacLeod of Mull (6/8)”, by Donald MacLeod
  69. “Sound of Sleat (Reel)”, by D. MacKinnon
  70. “Piper’s Cave (2/4)”, by J. Sutherland
  71. “Massacre of Glencoe (Piob)”
  72. “Queen Elizabeth II’s Salute (Piob)”, by Donald MacLeod
  73. “Willie McCallum Senior’s March (2/4)”
  74. “Cabar Feidh (4/4)”
  75. “Failte MacMhurich (Piob)”, by Donald MacLeod
  76. “Lament for Donald of Laggan (Piob)”
  77. “Goat Hill (Slow Air)”
  78. “Keel Row (Reel)”, by Donald MacLeod
  79. “Ballochyle (6/8)”, by Peter MacLeod
  80. “Heroes of St. Valery (3/4)”, by Donald MacLean
  81. “Banks of Loch Ard (4/4)”, by Simon Pender
  82. “Peter Mackenzie Warren (4/4)”, by T. Muirhead
  83. “Sir James MacDonald of the Isles’ Lament (Piob)”
  84. “Sir James MacDonald of the Isles’ Lament (Notes)”
  85. “Lament for Mary MacLeod (Piob)”
  86. “Lament for the Rowan Tree (Piob)”, by Donald MacLeod
Catherine’s Lament
Salute to the Glasgow Highland Club
51st Highland Division, Flett from Flotta
My Home
Willie McCallum Senior’s March
Ord of Caithness, Captain Horne, Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
General Stewart of Garth, Struy Lodge, The Ale is dear
Captain Craig Brown, Glendaruel Highlanders